Mr.Rakesh Bipin Sharma


 Mr. Rakesh B. Sharma the founder & chairman of STROG SMART FACILITY which was established in the year 2014. He has a working & management experience for about 14 years in various security agencies.

SSF offers highly professional total security & risk management reqirements throught India. SSf provides a broad range of specialized services customized to minimize loss by providing innovative and strategic security based bus business solutions. We come as a credible option for clients intersted in preventing losses due to internal or external threats. Needless to mention that our organization consists of agroup of professional and experts from various fields mainly from Defense, Police personnel and civil professionals to ensure smooth functioning.

Making every move sucessful, SSF is an independent total security solution company, catering to the needs of household & corporate clients. We are an Organization equipped with all necessary exemptions, registrations and affiliations to suit all the paraphernalia of services required by all standards of clientele. The battery of Top Management stalwarts from the battle field ensures fullest reciprocity in an intricate & meticulous manner.Taking into account the strictures promulgated by the Statutory Authorities, we do have a wing named “Corporate HR Solutions’ that caters to the requirement of facility/ Utility Management related manpower in addition to Ex-servicemen Manpower conformin the DGR Norms.

Vision Mission & Values

Our vision

our Vision is to provide service that fully satisfy customer needs while offering excellent value and responsive service, enabling growth and financial soundness through a safe, secure and healthy work environment.

At STROG SMART FACILITY We firmly commit to providing our client with the best service possible. To meet that commitment, our business strategy is multi-faceted and thorough From the very first contact, where we discuss your needs and requirments, to on-going evaluation and review, your complete satisfaction is our goal.
By co-operating with our customers, suppliers, employees and communities, we focus our expertise and resources on developing the most promising markets in the interest of all partners.

To accomplish this Vision, we beliver

Through our safety 1st environment, customer satisfaction is our first responsibility. To provide value to the customers we serve, we are commiited to quality, vigilance and integrity in everything we do.

Our Mission

STROG SMART FACILITY is dedicated to ensuring that our clients and our associates are provided a safe, secure and healthy work environment. This is what we do.
We will follow our Safety 1st process to increase safety awareness, eliminate unsafe acts and conditions and maintain a constant safety 1st attitude in order to create an environment where zero accidents and zero injuries is the norm professionalism.

Always striving toward excellence. Excellence that reflects positively on us as individuals, our team, our company, our clients and our profession.

Achieving this through high visibility, educated decision under the condified body of knowledge, continuous training and adaptability to change and ethical conduct.

Our Values

Key elements of STROG SMART FACILITY overall operatins strength are:

Excellent knowledge of and long-term experience in a wide tange of facility security oprations. We are proud of the fact that we are able to provide our clients with the right security solution for virtually any situation. Our mission is to provide services that fully satisfy customer needs while offering excellent value and responsive service, enabling growth and financial soundness through a safe, secure and healthy work enviroment.